Architectural Screens

Eco Outdoor is always keen on re-using its products in new ways whenever possible. With some architectural input we recently invented new applications for the Atlantis Flo-Cell® product. Flo-Cells were originally designed for permeable paving, however, we have now started to use them to create a vast variety of different functional and aesthetic architectural screen solutions. With this flexible, lightweight and durable material, a new trend has been born. The new architectural screen solutions are increasingly featured in garden and urban space designs.

  • Quick installation
  • Vertical & horizontal installation
  • UV stabilized
  • Durable
Eco Screen at Phoenix Gym

Customize your screen

Our different architectural screens enable you to create the most beautiful designs, from vertical gardens to classy looking building facades and fencing screens. These screens can have various degrees of see through making it fit with any environment.The systems that are used facilitate easy integration in existing buildings and architectural designs. The ease of installation is definitely a benefit too, compared to the more conventional lattices. Additionally, the screens can be of any size, since the system is expandable both horizontally and vertically.

Creative Use

As a cladding element

Different see-through degrees can create a huge variety of design patterns. Adding an architectural screen to the outside of a house or building will change its look and is definitely a design pattern that stands out. Many designers and architects have successfully used the screens as sun protection element. By creating an architectural screen coating for a building, rooms stay cooler during the day without losing too much sunlight. This practical solution helps to increase the energy efficiency of a building while influencing the aesthetics positively.

As a fence or gate system

Another area in which this unique solution comes in handy are fences and outdoor gates. Eco screens won’t make your space feel smaller or limited; the openness of the system allows you to create a separation of your premise without walling yourself in. The possibility to chose how much others see of your property in combination with many design choices, make eco screens an innovative and favorable fence and gate solution

Eco Screen Fence, house gate
Indoor eco screens, room dividers

As a room divider or style element

Sometimes a room is just too big; the space feels empty and not very cosy. A room divider can help you to redefine the purpose and look of a room in an easy and stylish way. Architectural screens made of Flo-Cells make it possible to create a distinction between the living room and open kitchen or other indoor areas.