Eco Outdoor Cares

Care for the environment

At Eco Outdoor we highly value the environment. Therefore we use sustainable materials and designs whenever possible and utilize recycled and longer lasting materials and structures that need little maintenance.
Our green walls help you to save energy. Green walls also reduce the absorption of heat as we use natural materials like plants and soil instead of concrete, which increases the heat. Besides this, our green walls help to clean the air resulting in a better and healthier environment.

vertical garden
Artificial Grass

Care for your well-being

With our solutions we take care of your personal well-being. The aesthetic designs we use, whether it is for your green wall, artificial grass or vertical garden, lead to an overall improved sense of well-being too and can even have a positive effect on your social life. The materials and plants we us, for example in green walls, have a relaxing effect and contribute to stress reduction.

Care for high quality solutions

We care for delivering high quality solutions, that is why we have built strong relationships with our close business partners Royal Grass and Atlantis . All our partners have years of experience, offer state-of-the-art products and work with tried and tested methods.

We strive for the best possible result, always. Having an eye for detail and precision is therefore an important characteristic of our business. We offer integrated solutions. This means that we take care of all the steps needed for a perfect end-result, from design to installation and after-care.

Artificial Grass