Our Business Partners

Eco Outdoor values building long-term, collaborative relationships with key technology partners like Atlantis Corporation and Royal Grass.  Together with our trusted partners we aim to create a green, sustainable and aesthetic outdoor lifestyle for everyone in Asia. We believe in making a difference!

Atlantis Logo

Atlantis, established in 1986 in Australia, is the leading international provider of water management solutions. Eco Outdoor and Atlantis work closely together in consulting and suppling innovative technologies to develop total environmental solutions for water management, both in residential and commercial projects.

Royal Grass logo

Royal Grass was established in 2003 by Landscape Solutions B.V., the first European company to specialize exclusively in the development, production and marketing of natural looking artificial turf systems. Landscape Solutions is a pioneer that has broken new ground in the development of the artificial turf market for private gardens, roof terraces and public landscaping, amongst others by installing artificial turf on greenbelts and roundabouts. These developments and uses have resulted in artificial grass becoming a more generally accepted product in the landscaping market. Eco Outdoor and Royal Grass are partners in Asia, and are eager to create acceptance of artificial grass in this market.