Permeable Paving System Malaysia

In urban areas approximately 70 to 90% of building sites are paved to accommodate podiums, parking lots and walkways. Most paved areas are constructed from impermeable materials such as concrete, bitumen, stone and tiles. These materials retain a vast amount of heat, increasing the temperature of surrounding buildings and contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer by transporting airborne pollutants into the atmosphere.

Eco Outdoor’s drainage and water management solutions make use of Atlantis Turf Cell and Flo-Cell® products. This solution reduces overland flow while increasing groundwater recharge.

Atlantis Permeable Paving

Cost savings system

The sub-base required for drainage cells is equal at most, but often less than the sub-base required for concrete or bitumen. Installing this permeable paving solution provides immediate cost savings because the traditional storm water collection system required by impermeable paved areas is eliminated.

Flo-Cell usage system

Flo-Cell can be used to create parking surfaces, access roads and driveways. In addition, it offers a perfect drainage solution for sports fields, civil works and retaining walls. It was designed to facilitate the construction of roof gardens and became so successful that it is now a landscaping industry standard.

Atlantis permeable paving