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Creating a lush, beautiful and easy to maintain indoor or outdoor vertical garden has become much easier with our green wall and facade solutions based on proven Atlantis Gro-Wall® technology. The simple and strong design of our solutions makes it the perfect choice for landscapers, architects and green enthusiasts.

Gro-Wall® System

The Gro-Wall® System is designed by Atlantis Corporation in Australia. It is the perfect system for designers creating vertical landscapes and for green enthusiasts creating a beautiful vertical garden at home. The systems are versatile in use and help minimise maintenance with their integrated individual dripping irrigation design. Atlantis is the original inventor of the planter and roof top drainage cell products.

The Gro-Wall® modules are easy to install at home. They can be fixed to any structural wall such as bricks, concrete, wood, metal and drywall. Designers who would like to use the system for landscape design, might prefer our integrated irrigation and fertilization systems.

The Gro-Wall® solution provides easy access to individual plants and irrigation components. This enables you to change the design of your wall whenever you want and maximize water efficiency. We offer a variety of green and feature wall systems:

Green Wall Benefits

  • Air quality improving
  • Water efficient irrigation
  • Sound and heat reducing
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • Modular system
Residential Green Wall
Office Green Wall
Office Green Wall
Vertical Garden

Gro-Wall® 4

The Gro-Wall®-4 is a perfect system to use for designers and architects who want to create a vertical landscape, or for home owners who love to create a great garden at home. The modules can be used to create indoor and outdoor vertical gardens. The system does not need any framework. It can be easily fixed to any wall.

Gro-Wall® Facade

Our Gro-Wall® facades are easy to install and easily integrate with existing buildings, or new landscape and architectural designs. The material has a very strong and durable design, resulting in a beautiful vertical garden.

Vertical Graden

Gro-Wall® Slim Line Pro

With a thinner profile, the Gro-Wall® Slim Line Pro is ideal for applications where space is limited. Slim Line Pro is easy to package, install and maintain. It is the perfect garden extension in confined areas and ideal for the screening of unsightly wall surfaces and fences. Click here to learn more about the Gro-Wall® Slim Line Pro.

Huge Green Wall
Office Green Wall

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