Artificial Grass For Golf Puttings!

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It all starts with the objectives…

The starting point for each putting area design are the clients’ objectives, their expectations and their experience with the golf game. Broadly speaking there is a group of clients who see a golf area in their garden or on their rooftop as a “fun thing” to have and use during parties and social gatherings. These clients are less concerned about the extent to which the course mimics a real course. On the other side there is a group that has a real passion for the golf game. They want to create a realistic as possible golf area in their garden to practice their putting and approach shots.

Involve your client

We always ask and encourage our clients to be actively involved in fine-tuning the details of the design process to tailor the solution as much as possible to their needs. Throughout this process, we look at aspects like shaping the putting area to make it blend into the overall garden and functional design of the area, the total number of putting holes, the levels of undulation and putting lines. All these aspects have an impact on the difficulty level and fun element. In case the client would like to use the golf area during the night, we look at lighting as well.

Critical success factors

Establishing the clients’ objectives and managing their expectations from the beginning of the project are critical success factors. We follow a step-by-step consultation and design process to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We believe that a well-designed, professionally executed golf landscape can enhance a property’s value in the long run and therefore has tremendous value for a golf enthusiastic property owner. 


Sizes or projects

Eco Outdoor has gathered very valuable experiences in the area of artificial golf installations in the last few years. We have built projects as small as 20m2 that feature a single hole, up to 9 holes’ projects with an area size of 170m2 that offer a realistic practice environment. For all the projects we do, we work with Royal Grass artificial grass. Royal Grass offers the most natural looking grass in the market, long warranty and best guarantee for quality and durability.

Putting greens

Golf putting grass needs to mimic natural grass like you have on a real golf course. While this mostly revolves around the feeling of the grass during the game, there are different choices to be made. Most important are the length and density of the lawn. These attributes impact the ball roll speed and the feel and stability when walking over the grass. The latter is also referred to as stimp speed. To make sure that clients get a putting green that perfectly fits their needs, we look at their play style and the courses they normally play. In general, only short grasses are recommended for golf putting, but we are able to deliver premium grasses in a vast variety of length.

Our Flagship Project

Our flagship project is a landscaping golf project in which everything came together. We created an area in the customer’s garden that enables him to seriously practice the game, as well as to entertain his guests and enjoy a beautiful view. The picture you see on the left was taken during this project. Stay tuned for an in-depth case study about this awesome private golf putting!