Royal Grass artificial grass: tested to be safe and sound!

Safety has always been number one priority when allowing a new product to enter a market; the new tool, device or material should respect the public health and safety for all users across the world. Eco Outdoor makes this statement a promise to ensure that only high quality materials are used when installing artificial grass.

Artificial Grass is just as safe as toys!

Royal Grass, a brand we have been working with for many years, has made safety top priority since they have started. To prove the reliability of the artificial grass products they sell and distribute worldwide, they had their products tested by the Dutch independent research institute TNO using the EN71-3 norm. To scale this examination, the European norm applies the strictest standards in terms of safety concerning toys, stating that products may only be considered safe if the PAH level is zero and that no harmful substances are released by the toys when played with or sucked on.  

In 2004 Royal Grass passed the requirements set by the EN71-3 norm, enabling the company to market the Royal Grass products comfortably and without worries.

 Safety discussion

To maintain the reputation of high quality and safe artificial grass, the products are constantly being examined to check for flaws or possible improvements.

In 2006, Dutch scientists claimed that playing sports on artificial grass could lead to health issues; the culprit was the rubber granulates made from recycled tires.

This rubber granulates, also known as infill, are spread all over the pitch to create a simulated sport field which will for instance, ensure that a football behaves the same way as it would on a natural grass pitch. However, rubber granulates contain high concentrations of zinc, oil and toxic substances, bound to cause health problems. As such, these granulates are never used as infill in any products from Eco Outdoor. Instead, sand is used to provide stability on the field.

Artificial Turf retested

Even if rubber granulates or toxic substances are not present in the artificial grass, retesting the products has become a necessity; by doing so, it is guaranteed that any customer using the Royal Grass products will be kept from harm.  


The products and components still meet the strict EN71-3 norm even today, conveying without a doubt that Royal Grass artificial grass is just as safe as toys, and reaffirming the brand’s quality.


Royal Grass products are produced in the Netherlands and are guaranteed to be safe for people and the environment; no heavy metals or other environmentally damaging substances are used in their design. Opting for high-quality artificial grass will provide advantages such as low maintenance, as well as it being long lasting; the artificial grass passed the test of time and lasts for up to a period of 10 to 15 years.