Eco Outdoor helps Riverson Corporation to build a green hospital

Riverson Corporation Sdn Bhd, a Kota Kinabalu based property developer, started building an integrated hospital, retail and SOHO development for Gleneagles health care back in 2014. The goal was to create a design that looks good and is functional, but also positively contributes to the atmosphere of the property.

To create a more appealing look, Riverson decided to partner with Eco Outdoor to offer an integrated solution for its outdoor areas, including green roofs and vertical gardens. From the 4th floor up, employees, visitors and patients can see large artificial grass spaces and natural plants, while a large green wall adorns the bridge connecting the two towers of the development. The relaxing green colour takes away the sterile and uncomfortable look of a hospital and creates a positive atmosphere.

Eco Outdoor is happy to be part of this major project in Sabah and to expand its area of operation to this beautiful part of Malaysia. For this project high quality artificial grass from the Dutch brand Royal Grass was installed to provide a low maintenance, natural looking solution. For the green walls the Atlantis Gro-Wall 4 system was used. The green walls not only offer are an appealing feature for visitors and patients, but also enhance the air quality and positively affect the air temperature.

Eco Outdoor strongly believes that the integration of green elements into the architecture of the building will benefit the patients, but will also create a working atmosphere that inspires doctors and nurses to do the best possible work.

Eco Outdoor is currently working on a second project in Kota Kinabalu. We will keep you informed about the progress in our news section.


Project: 1700 sqms rooftop 
Category: Commercial 
Complexity: Very high
Products used: Silk 25 Green/Black, Atlantis drain cell base 
Client: Beneton Properties
Architect: Arc Partnership

Installing artificial grass on a pyramid-shaped metal rooftop

Irama Wangsa, Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur is a freehold condominium in Kuala Lumpur, developed by Beneton Properties Group of Companies, a leading developer in Kuala Lumpur. With less than two months of the property going to the market, the developer wanted to create something unique.

The challenge was to transform an unsightly and industry-like looking rooftop of the multi-purpose hall into something aesthetically appealing. The idea was born to create a view that the apartment owners would love and talk about. The architects of Arc Partnership came up with a design for an artificial grass rooftop with a green/black pattern to be installed on the rooftops in the center of the area.

When looking for a company to help realize this idea, Eco Outdoor was called in. “Not only did Eco Outdoor install a playground for Beneton Properties 5 years ago, in another property “ Mr Lee, Director at Beneton Properties explains.”We also knew that they recently installed and engineered an artificial turfing solution for a metal roofing structure in Cambodia. I simply know that when complex things need to be done, I can count on Eco Outdoor.”

Complex solution

Installing an intricate artificial grass pattern on a pyramid-shaped metal rooftop is a challenging task. You have to mount the grass onto the roof and make sure it does not fly off.  On a metal roof all elements work independently. Grass responds differently to heat than the base layer. This makes it a challenge to create a stable system. Moreover, it has to withstand storms and heavy rains, so drainage is crucial. And with only two months to go before the property would go on sale and handed over to the owners, there was a strict deadline.



“Eco Outdoor did a fantastic overall job, from stakeholder engagement (engineers and the architect), to coming up with the final

solution and taking care of the execution”, Mr Lee says. “They were also commercially supportive, ensuring that all materials that were needed were available on time so any possible delay was avoided. Their patience and perseverance to ensure the success of the final installation was fantastic. And it was great to see how they worked very closely with our designer to create this masterpiece. An excellent degree of professionalism.”

And the apartment owners? – “They love it. We have received many compliments. It is definitely money well spent.”

“For us it was also exciting to engage in a project where we could use previous experiences, while the overall solution method we applied was different from other projects”, Chris Kooijman, director of Eco Outdoor explains. “We are at our best when we encounter new challenging situations that require a different solution than we have used before, and in which we can work closely with the key partners that are involved.”

The piano key rooftop of Irama Wangsa in Kuala Lumpur is the first of its kind in Malaysia. Possibly in the world.