It’s not just grass, it’s a playground

Many people love running and playing on grass, especially children. It feels good under your feet and being outside is good for body and mind. Regular grass suffers rapidly from areas with heavy traffic like playgrounds; the grass wears off quickly below the feet of playing children. In these areas artificial turf is the ideal solution.

There are several benefits of using artificial grass for school and play areas.

Low wear and tear factor

The maintenance of artificial turf is minimal. People can use a firm bristle broom to brush and clean the area and regenerate the fibres. While natural grass gets patchy because pieces of grass get damaged, artificial grass stays neat and beautiful.

Soft and safe

When it comes to designing playgrounds for children, safety is the number one concern of every architect and designer. At Eco Outdoor we also take our responsibility to make play areas a safe environment for children. We work with artificial grass from Royal Grass which feels nice and soft. Compared to soil grass, artificial grass is a much better solution as you won’t easily hurt yourself when falling or sliding.

For play areas with play equipment there is the opportunity to install the grass surface on shock pads. The ProGame Shock Pads we use can simply be installed below the artificial grass. They minimise the impact of falling. We can create those play surfaces to Australian or European fall height specifications.

And what if the grass gets eaten, for example by small children?

The fibres used by Royal Grass are guaranteed to be clean and non toxic, so they are safe for children.

No dirty clothes

Natural grass looks beautiful and nice as long as it stays dry. With the first drops of rain or water, regular soil gets muddy and dirty. Synthetic turf stays clean and so do the children’s clothes. When it comes to product choices for playgrounds, we suggest Royal Grass Exclusive 3.0 or any other long bladed grass. The long blades make the grass softer, an attribute kids love. Falling on longer grass hurts less and reduces bruising.

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