Our Business Partners

Uniseal – A Greener Today for a Better Tomorrow

Established in 1998, Uniseal has evolved from a waterproofing specialist in Singapore to an enabler of a sustainable built environment with a global footprint. Built on a platform of innovation and strong intellectual properties, the Group provides integrated solutions in the area of sustainable urban greenery, ecological management, green engineering and protection of the building envelope against weathering elements, with its extensive family of proprietary products and systems. UNISEAL is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, distribution, sales and installation of eco-labelled green roof, green wall, sub-soil drainage, ecological management, raised floor, composite panels and waterproofing systems to enable a green sustainable environment within the urban landscape. The business is marketed under its distinctive and award winning trademarks Uniseal, Plantercell, Grascell and Insu.

Royal Grass –
premium artificial grass

Royal Grass was established in 2003 by Landscape Solutions B.V., the first European company to specialize exclusively in the development, production and marketing of natural looking artificial turf systems. Landscape Solutions is a pioneer that has broken new ground in the development of the artificial turf market for private gardens, roof terraces and public landscaping, amongst others by installing artificial turf on greenbelts and roundabouts. These developments and uses have resulted in artificial grass becoming a more generally accepted product in the landscaping market. Eco Outdoor and Royal Grass have been partners in Asia since Eco Outdoor’s establishment in Malaysia.

Signature Turf – Affordable luxury

Signature Turf was founded in 2019 in Malaysia and appointed Eco Outdoor their first partner and distributor. Signature Turf combines the quality and technological advantages of leading synthetic grass manufacturers with an affordable price. Their main focus is to provide you artificial grass that will make your guests wonder how you manage to maintain such a beautiful place. You will be surprised by the natural look of the high- quality artificial grass products with endless application opportunities.

Atlantis – green wall & water management solutions

Atlantis, established in 1986 in Australia, is the leading international provider of water management solutions. Eco Outdoor and Atlantis work closely together in consulting and suppling innovative technologies to develop total environmental solutions for water management, both in residential and commercial projects.


Geolam – Hybrid wood systems 

Established 40 years ago as a marriage between Swiss and Japanese technology, Geolam has made a name for itself as a producer of sustainable hardwood alternatives. The Switzerland based company has managed to create a product that not only perfectly mimics the visual features of tropical hardwood, but that is even more resistant and enabled to withstand natural forces like rain and wind. All of the features of hardwood delivered for your project without compromising on sustainability. Not a single tree has to be cut to produce the beautiful wood planks by Geolam.

Wah King –  Garden Arts

Hong Kong

Wah King Garden Arts has been a family-run nursery and garden in Hong Kong since 1983. From day the company has been propagating and growing their own plants – from fruit trees and herbs to seasonal plants and potted plants in its own nurseries. Today, with over a million square meters of nursery and garden space in Hong Kong and Mainland China combined, Wah King Garden Arts is the largest wholesaler of plants in the city. But despite the size, it has remained the tight-knit business it were over 30 years ago.