Eco Outdoor’s Team

Chris Kooijman, CEO

Meet the experts

Mr. Chris Kooijman, Director of Eco Outdoor Sdn Bhd, has managed to assemble a higly knowledgeable and customer focused team, of which he is very proud.


My team is passionate about our solutions, and therefore able to give you an honest and reliable advice. Through our appreciation of our customers and good teamwork we can realise splendid projects for you, with our “first time right” company philosophy.  We are also happy to welcome you at our showroom, to show you around and familiarise you with our high quality solutions. Please feel welcome to drop by and get in touch with my professional and friendly team!

Chris Kooijman, CEO

“Every piece of the puzzle matters. Thats why we perfect them all.”

Christine Teh, Business Development

Tobi Schmidt, Marketing

Anneke Van der Voort, Marketing

Our Operations Team