Gro-Wall® Slim Line Pro Update

by Mar 15, 2018Green Wall, Uncategorized

Last year we introduced the Gro-Wall® Slim Line Pro system. With a thinner profile, the system is especially suitable for the more smaller areas and indoors. It is the perfect garden extension in confined areas and easy to install and maintain. We are pleased to show you some recent installations.

First projects – Hilton Garden Inn

We enhanced the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn as well as the entrance (see pictures below) with a beautiful green wall using the Slim Line Pro system. With the built in drainage and irrigation system the walls are easy to maintain. Both green walls have looked attractive from day one, even when the green wall structures were not fully populated with vegetation yet. A green oasis in your own private property.

Balconies and Slim Line Pro are a perfect match. With an automatic irrigation timer working on bluetooth, you are able to water the plants from your smartphone or tablet while being away.

Below another residential balcony project using the Slim Line Pro. The advanced planter tray system with extensive soil profile and pot based drainage allows for a larger variety of plant selection.